Building services – Ecserv executes all kinds of construction works, starting from building operations and civil engineering works to turnkey building houses and villas, repair and rehabilitation, expansion and modernization of some existing buildings, including the related installations, as well as consulting services.

The Ecserv staff, made up of professionals in the management of various projects, has the necessary experience to carry out the most difficult and demanding construction projects. In addition, Ecserv comprises its own work force team, consisting of engineers, team leaders and skilled workers.

The range of services that we provide in the field of interior and exterior designing starts from:

  • plastering, insulation systems
  • ceramic cladding (marble, stone, floor tiles, wall tiles, etc)
  • execution of plasterboard elements (walls, ceilings, soffits, furniture)
  • the whole range of painting and colors
  • interior wiring
  • sanitary and heating

The PVC joinery that we use belongs to the REHAU systems with its three type profiles BASIC-DESIGN, TERMO-DESIGN and BRILIANT-DESIGN; and the hardware that we use is ROTO or Winkhaus, both of German manufacturing. A novelty within our products is the GENEO profile with 6 rooms and 86mm constructive depth, made out of innovative material, RAU-FIPRO, which provides levels of thermal, noise and anti-theft protection and unbeatable static features.

If you put the emphasis on your home comfort and on saving costs by using an efficient thermal insulation or by maintaining the value, then the windows made up of REHAU profiles are the right choice. Windows are an investment for life and whether you build or renovate your house, you are in front of an important decision to make.

As regarding our ventilation and air conditioning services, we mainly use the Vortice mark – the market leader in the ventilation field – and we cover a wide range of air conditioning services – installation, maintenance and service – for all existing brands on the market.

The experienced personnel, the systematic planning and the proven performance of each executed project enable Ecserv to offer more control over your works, lower costs, superior quality and faster employment. Our ultimate goal is that beneficiaries be satisfied by the entire process of building and not just by the final project.